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Zeegi shuavy’s real name is Joshua Onodu. Zeegi is a Nigerian boy. Everyone knows him as a Zeegi. He has born on 30 July 1995. Zeegi is from Enugu, Nigeria.

Nowadays Zeegi is living in London with his brother Meegi and making fashionable clothes by following London street style. Zeegi and his brother Meegi working on their brand known as “shuavy duo”. In their brand shuavy duo they are mainly working on casual style and London Street style fashion. Zeegi makes fashionable clothes by focusing on London street style. By occupation, Zeegi is a Model, Fashion Stylist, Artist, Dancer, and Performer.

Zeegi starts his career in music at the age of 12. Later he enters the music industry, after getting success in the fashion industry. Zeegi launches his own brand with his brother Meegi. Their brand name is Shuavy duo. Both brothers are working hard for their brand “shuavy duo” Zeegi is a professional fashion designer.  Zeegi is very talented at the age of 12 he started to dance and vocal. Zeegi had performed on several platforms to prove himself.  When he reached the age of 19, Zeegi start to customize clothes.

Zeegi also has an interest in writing. He is a skillful writer he said that he will soon publish a self-edifying book. For Zeegi work ethic matters his simple motto is that he wants to reach his full potential with his brother Meegi, and also want to encourage everyone to do the same. 

Zeegi and his brother Meegi also trying in the music industry they are working on a different style of music like hip hop, afro beat R&B style. They also are doing well in music. They make good progress in these field as they have already achieved successes in the fashion industry.

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