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World Cup 2019 and Social Media Wars (Part 2)

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Sarfraz Yawn

The cricket fans got much dishearten after the defeat of Pakistan from India in World Cup 2019 and has shown their anger differently on social media. Sarfraz yawning in stadium has been trolled brutally. People started to attack his personal life on social media. The guy from UK made a video in which he abused Sarfraz in front of him. The social media community condemns that act and asks that guy to apologize for his filthy act. However, he has apologized now. Also, a video got viral in which the son of Sarfraz was trolled. People condemn that video too as a kid has nothing to do with the cricket performance of his father. One should criticize the team in ethical ways.

Momin Saqib hilarious criticism also has grasped the attention of people and has been gotten much popularity as he has criticized the team in funny yet respectful way.

momin world cup

Veena Malik Vs Sania Mirza

It was seen on social media that few of team members had very unhealthy meal a day before PakvInd match. Shoaib Malik was one of them as he was exposed with his wife at a sheesha bar. Sania Mirza tried to clarify that was a family dinner and he had his son with him. Meanwhile, Veena Malik asked her if it is safe to take a child at sheesha bar! This brings a fight between two celebrities over twitter. They had tweet over tweet. Sania Mirza got offended and attacked the personal and controversial life of Veena Malik. She deleted her tweet within few minutes but Veena Malik has said in the interview with private TV channel that she has so much to say about sania as she also had very controversial life but she preferred to remain quite.

So, these are some of the funny social media incidents regarding World Cup 2019 as yet. Still, the Pakistani fans are supporting the team and hoping that they will reach in semi finals. Team has shown great performance against South Africa and has made its fans hopeful. Pakistan has to win all the 3 matches in order to get its place in semis. England is been defeated today. Therefore, the chances for Pakistan, in Semi Final, have increased.

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