The wake up every morning and think about what colour should I wear today we open wardrobe we have so many clothes we are confused and we don’t understand. We think about how the new fashion has come to our country. Don’t worry this article is a full read it will help you a lot your confusion will go away.

We should wear clothes by day and by season we will wear light colour feel good our body will feel cool we will not feel tired. With so many options to pick from choosing a colour to wear can be difficult of times the choice can be further complicated by the event you’re dressing for making the process of choosing a colour easier by choosing a colour that compliments your skin’s natural tones, wearing the best colour for the occasion, and using colour to express your mood.

How To Match Skin Colour

Take any coloured cloth and try to match in the wrist of your hand. if there is a blue colour clothing, it will make your body feel cool if the cloth is of green colour your body will feel warm. If you can’t determine the colour of your veins or if blue and green are both represented, you probably have a neutral skin tone. This means you look great in most colour. White in colour is the only colour that can make you feel good throughout the hot winter season. The negative effect of white on warm colour is to make them look and feel garish and white is a colour of peace. And most wear a cleaner that is similar to your skin for example scarf. shirt dresses according to skin colour avoid wearing high-necked a shirt or turtleneck.

When you’re r getting your picture taken, as they appear to cut off your head from your neck which it isn’t flattering. Avoid wearing black or white to a wedding because the bird and groom will likely be wearing this colour at a traditional wedding, you should avoid wearing black confidence any other colour is fine as long as it’s not too similar to the wedding party’s colour. For summer wedding consider your cool colour and bright air colour. For Cold weather, the wedding consider a dark colour.

The blue colour of the sky and sea associated with Depth and stability, trust, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and heaven calming. Blue conveys a sense of peace and positively and Independence. If you want to be powerful and strong great in front of someone you should choose read if you want to persuade. Or impresses someone, red is a perfect choice to wear it as a Bold statement piece such as a red jacket, shirt If we have to go for a job interview, then we should wear black, In order to feel good, your clothing should be very good in colour so that day affects your personality.

This outfit would be perfect for a day and lounging around the house or relaxing with friends. The simple T-shirt, jeans are comfortable and the soft green, blue and gray give off a tranquil vibe. Add on a scarf a simple ring set, and comfy sneakers and you’re ready for the day.

After reading this article now we can decide what colour should i wear today and what will suit on me

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