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Value of capital and revenue expenditure

capital and revenue expenditure

capital and revenue expenditure

CAPEX is also known as capital expenditure, which are funded for a company to maintain its assets. A company can do several things with these funds. They can upgrade their machinery, hire more staff, technology, or buy expensive equipment for a company. Basically, capital and revenue expenditure commonly used for the new projects or for the investment in a new department of a company.

Value of capital expenditure:

Capex shows in company balance as an investment scheme, not as income or profit of the company. So that’s why we can say that capital expenditure can only for the development of a company.

The cost for large capital projects keeps increasing because we have different things to do for the progress of a company and it’s becoming more important than ever to make sure every dollar is used wisely. But when we start spending funds then it’s not an easy task to maintain the discipline because there are several expensive things which can’t be cheap.

These days there are multiple corporations have the largest capital and revenue expenditure which they used for ongoing investment. They bought land, facilities, increase staff benefits etc. Energy companies and telecommunications firm are on the top list.

capital and revenue expenditure

Energy companies:

We can divide energy companies into subcategories. As we know that we have many sources of energy. Such as oil, gas, electricity, coal producers etc. the companies explore and refine energy sources and do business. But for doing better business they need better equipment for refining and good staff for managing the sale. For these purposes, they use large CAPEX and telecommunication companies always need ongoing investment scheme for the maintenance and development of researched products.


As we know that in our daily routine, we use different transportation services for moving from our home to the workplace and workplace to home. This is our need and transportation business is very high these days. That’s why we can say that it required large CAPEX for providing better service to the customers. Transportation services include airlines, railway, buses transportation, auto manufacturing industry etc. These all industries play an important role and help a lot in the development of the country.

The mining industry has some of the most challenging projects in the world because they need the most expensive equipment all the time. It has never been cheap and it’s getting more expensive day by day because the mining business is growing and investors show great interest in it. That required large CAPEX and controlling of large CAPEX also required. For designing the structure where large CAPEX will use and level of the project in which they get better results and applied large CAPEX to each level.

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