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It is the procedure that is used to make the abdomen flat by the removal of extra fats and skin of the body. It is used to stretch the muscles. The best patients for this are the non-smokers, having great physical health, and having abundant weight. Patients must have extra fats and or unfastened skin that cannot react to diet and exercise. It is a suitable procedure for those individuals who are suffering from the loss of the flexibility of their body. It is also good for the females whose muscles got tight from the pregnancy. Women who want to get more kids or who want to lose a considerable number of weight must have to wait before undergoing this procedure. A lot of individuals go through this procedure after pregnancy or fats surgery.


You have to select the doctor and consult with him in detail about your objectives. This procedure can be completed in following steps:

Complete Abdominoplasty

In this procedure, doctor make cuts on abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and after this they outline the skin, tissue, and muscles when required. The procedure includes stimulating the belly button, and the patients required discharge tubes beneath their skin for few days.

Mini Abdominoplasty

This procedure is also known as the partial Abdominoplasty. This procedure can be applied to those individuals who have fats that are present beneath their belly button. At the time of this procedure individuals will not have to make the movement of their belly button and this method requires only two hours according to the situation of the patients.


The cost for this procedure ranges from $3000-$12000. The cost depends upon the fees of the surgeon and other charges including your treatment. The average cost for this treatment is $5500.


 After this procedure, flat and additional colored location of the abdomen can be observed immediately. As far as the individuals can retain their weight with normal diet and daily exercise and this procedure give everlasting results.


The risks of this procedure involve irregularities, scaring on the skin; unfasten skin, deadness in the skin, and bad results.

Individuals that are gone through this procedure can observe elevated scars, extended or are further observable. By revising this treatment can minimize their problems and results.

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