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Tourism in Pakistan – Swat to Murree (Part 5)

tourism in Pakistan
The next part of the sequel of tourism in Pakistan is here. This is the 6th day of our tour.  It is assigned for travelling only. We had to move from Swat to Murree that day. As for record, we had heavy rain whole past night at Swat continental hotel. Also, a minor earthquake was felt. The thunderstorm and earthquake, at such hilly place, was made the night very scary. Anyhow, as we all were extremely tired so we fell asleep even though we were frightened. It was communicated with us at dinner that we need to get dressed according to the atmosphere of coaster as we will not be visiting any place. As the atmosphere of coaster gets suffocated therefore, we were asked to wear not so heavy cloths.


At the breakfast table, we get to know that we are going to have 12 hours travelling and we will take one break for lunch at some hotel. We got seated. The driver announced that the road, which was previously blocked due to snowfall, is now operational now. Our travelling was reduced to 7 hours only. Well, the rainfall was still happening there. We took some last memorable pictures at the door of our hotel and started the journey towards Murree.

Lunch at Miyan Jee

Around 12PM, our tourist stopped the coasters in front of a hotel. None of us were starving that time as we had eaten good breakfast around 9 PM. We refused to eat. He told us that we will not be having any hotel in our way till 4 pm so we better eat lunch here. As we were not starving a bit, so we told him we can wait till 5 pm. we resume our travelling. Around 5 pm we reached at Miyan Jee” hotel. This hotel is very famous and has many branches. We had our 1st breakfast at the same branch which is located at “Hasan Abdal”. So, we had lunch and tea there and went back to coasters.

Reached Murree

After sunset, we entered Murree. It was of our great joy when we see extremely heavy snowfall from the windows of our coaster. Indeed, we all got over excited. The snowfall at Malam Jabba was nothing as compared to snowfall at Murree because we experienced light snowfall there. The scene was exactly like the animated movies. Snow had covered each and everything. No doubt Murree is so beautiful. Also, I also had visited Murree back in April, 2013. But with snow, Murree is breath taking. It was just awesome. Literally, I have got short of my vocabulary to write the beauty I had witnessed there.Our hotel was at Mall Road. Due to slope we had to hike till our hotel. I was so difficult and exciting to hike in such extreme weather. We stayed at Move n Pick Murree. The services were very good there. We went to our rooms. I made video of my room and view from window and posted that on my whatsapp status. I made video calls to my family. Also, we friends, made very hilarious and funny videos so that we can have them as memory for lifetime in the context of tourism in Pakistan.

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