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Tourism in Pakistan – Kohala-Murree (Part 6)


Tourism in Pakistan is very adventurous as God has gifted Pakistan very beautiful places that have resulted in tourist attraction around world. Let’s continue the tourism experience that I have been sharing with you in my previous 5 parts. As communicated in my previous part, we had reached Kohala-Murree and the weather there had brought our excitement level to infinity. Next morning, we were scheduled to amuse and sooth ourselves with the breath taking beauty of “Nathia Gali”. But, due to heavy snowfall all the routes are closed for traffic and visitors. This news brought some disappointment for us. Meanwhile, our teacher told us that we have replaced Nathia Gali visit with “Kohala”.

Kohala, Murree

We got seated in coaster. The snowfall was so heavy and the temperature was -2. We were actually witnessing the white world through our windows. The snowfall was getting immense with every Kilometer we were travelling. For safety, the driver suggested not to go even Kohala as we can stuck anywhere on the way due to heavy snowfall. We didn’t want to go Kohala forcefully because in case of any mishap we would be held responsible so we kept quiet. The sadness and anger in our facial expression compelled our teacher to carry on the travelling towards Kohala-Murree . We screamed with joy. Surprisingly, after few kilometers, there was no snowfall at all and we had a safe travelling towards our destination.

We reached Kohala. It was raining there and we didn’t have umbrellas with us. But, as I have mentioned few times before that our excitement level was so much high so it has made us numb for cold and any other issue. It was about 1 kilometer walk then we reached the actual spot. Again, the view was so mesmerizing. There was a mountain and a lake beached with some heavy stones. The wooden sitting (Charpai) was arranged at beach by some food sellers there. We had Mutton Karahi there as lunch. The continuous slow rain had made the visit more memorable.

Tourist Attraction Around World

Though we didn’t get to visit Nathia Gali but Kohala-Murree is also a place that is worth visiting. Moreover, this place is also in the list of tourist attraction around world. We get back to coaster and moved toward our hotel. The rain that was source of enjoyment till then is now bothering us in coaster as we were so wet with all the layers of clothes we were wearing. However, we reached hotel, had dinner and slept.

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