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Experiencing Tourism in Pakistan is amazing After an adventurous night at Kalam, we started travelling by 10 am in the morning for going back to Mingora. Yeah, it was the travelling of about 6 to 8 hours nonstop. But, we had taken two breaks in between. Interestingly, both the breaks have very memorable experience to share with you all. I will try to portray the real feel we get there so that my readers will have equal delights while reading.

Coaster Competition

Let me share the funniest experience of whole trip. Whenever our coaster gets unlocked, it is like a competition to get in and secure the window seat. Indeed, it was really funny as everyone was willing to get the window seat but only the speedy one gets. Well, just except the first day, I was successful in getting my desired seat. At first day, from station to Mingora, I was not aware about this competition and got late. Then, I realized it is on first come first serve basis. Anyway, the driver started the coaster, we recite our pray for travelling and signaled our friend to turn on the music as music makes the journey more beautiful.

Stay at PTDC

To support tourism in Pakistan, PTDC are developed in different areas. We met an uncle at Kalam. He was the friend of our teacher. Uncle accompanied us during the trip. He was working at PTDC so he offered us to take a break at PTDC and he will take us inside it to visit. We went there with him. The scene was so beautiful. However, We went upstairs and witness, once again, the mountains covered with snow. The view was so mesmerizing. We took group pictures there.

Tea with Swat Natives

Later, the uncle invited all of us on Tea at his home which was few kilometers away. House was located on the mountain. Due to slope, coasters or any vehicle could not reach there so we have to hike. Hiking was so tiring. It was so cold there and we were asked to hike. It was again an adventure for us. We put on our woolen caps, gloves and nose masks and started to walk upward. It was so difficult that I sat between the road to calm and motivate myself to hike further. Anyway, somehow we reached at his home. The ladies there were so beautiful and loving. They served us tea with nuts and biscuits. It was so relaxing there. Suddenly, the thunderstorm alarmed so we greet that family and moved back to our coasters.

At last, we reached our hotel at Mingora. Another exciting and adventurous day ended.

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