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Tourism In Pakistan – A Day At Malam Jabba (Part 3)

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We reached back to Mingora from Kalam on 2nd day. So, it was our 3rd day and we have scheduled to visit Malam Jabba that day. However, It took around 4 hours to reach there from Mingora. Again, the way was dangerous as well as adventurous. We started from brown mountains. The coaster keeps on climbing and finally the snow covered White Mountains are around us. We had experienced this white view in Kalam as well but didn’t get chance to witness snowfall there.S


It was forecasted that Malam Jabba going to have snowfall today. Therefore, we all prayed that may we get the chance to experience snowfall. It was a great excitement for us when we witnessed the little snow balls coming down from the sky. We all shouted with excitement. The way was so slipper that it was advised to have chains on the tires so that the van would not slip back.

We reached at Malam Jabba. A light snow was falling there. Once again, we took pictures, videos and had games there. A lunch was arranged their by our management. It was a live Barbeque in white snowy mountains. Excitement level was so high that we forgot the temperature and get fully wet by snow. We did lunch there and the management announced to wrap up and go back to Mingora. Because, we had our hotel booked there. While coming back to hotel, we felt so irritated due to our wet clothes and belongings. It was cold there so everyone one of us was wearing layers of clothes. Anyway, we got back to our hotel. Later, we had dinner there. Management told us to get ready by 9 am tomorrow morning as we had to leave for Murree. We went to sleep. It was tiring and entertained day.

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