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Tourism In Pakistan – A Day At Kalam (Part 2)


Another part of my trip is here. Our room was at 4th floor at Kalam hotel. We went through stairs. The rooms were so cool due to low temperature and there were no heaters in the room and geezer in washroom. Well, I opened the gallery door. The view was awesome. There were snow covered mountains and a can between hotel and mountain. The view was so mesmerizing that I forgot the fallen temperature. Suddenly a thought came in my mind. I missed my mom so I made a video call to her. I wanted to show her the beauty I am experiencing. But, unfortunately, she didn’t pick my call as she was busy somewhere.

I made video calls to my sisters and told them I am so excited to be there at Kalam. It was a dream to witness such scenes, snow and temperature. They told me to take care of myself and the calls ended. Door knocked and the room service boy gave us a gas heater and told us to put it outside room before 12 am as it is not safe. Literally speaking, the heater has no heat. However, To warm ourselves we ordered soup. The boy came in our room with a tray. Surprisingly, he was wearing a half sleeves t-shirt. We were shocked to see him because we were almost freeze there and he was wearing just a half sleeves t-shirt! We doubted him as ghost because in movies and dramas we have seen that such places are haunted.

Frozen Washrooms

We went down stairs to have some fun in the snow. We had swings there. All had pictures there. Meanwhile, someone from our university told us that there are wolfs. We got scared and got back to our rooms. Later, I went to the washroom and was shocked to see that there was frozen water in the bucket. As there was no other option so we managed through that frozen water there. It was extremely cold so we decided to join all the blankets and sleep. At last, the day ended. In the morning, we got ready and traveled back to Mingora, Swat.

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