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The war of Fake stories- Adeeb Yousufzai Leading from the front

Fact-Checking is a tough job. Only people who are into it know the ground reality and are one of the most hardworking people.
Adeeb Yousufzai is One of the most hardworking and successful Fact-Checker from Shangla, KPK Pakistan. He is doing fact checks for almost two years. People are happy to have this enthusiastic young Journalist.
He is a young 20-year-old fact-checker and social media activist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shangla. His real name is Nasir Hussain and he keeps Adeeb Yousufzai as his Pen Name. He is a media student at Punjab University Lahore. He is a student, writer and non-partison research analyst. One of his books has been published in this regard, while two are still under publication.
His voyage was not at all easy, he struggled a lot and face numerous obstacles but being strong he decided to go on with his profession. He saw an android mobile phone as his main weapon against fake stories found on the internet. He is well connected with his audience. His audience picks fake viral stories and point out to him; Adeeb Yousufzai goes on with his unique skills to have deep research and finally bring forward the real story to his audience.
The complexities of today’s superficial thinking and the fake stories on the Internet are the focus of his work.
His ability to pinpoint things and to fastidiously pick the hidden parts of a news story is because laymen generally don’t look for details and fall prey to fake news and propaganda.
As a student of media, he likes to get to the bottom of things. Many of his columns have been published to underscore this aspect of his skill. He is currently running a Facebook page and Youtube channel under the name of ADEEB PENS. For all those who are searching for accurate fact-checking regarding any news; this youtube channel and Facebook page are strongly recommended.
He is the real Professional Journalist in this era; where no one pays heed to these details and becomes a victim of fake stories and propaganda. This is the war of fake stories imposed on our people and Adeeb Yousufzai is leading from the front against this war.
If he got a platform through which his research and columns could reach more people; the people could better be media literate soon.

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