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The ‘Dark’ Secrets of Black Chocolates

Secrets of Black Chocolates

Of all tastes that have been a favorite for humans since the earliest of times is the sweet taste. Within the sweetness band, chocolates are one kind that is loved equally by all, irrespective of the age group. Chocolate, in addition to being extremely soothing to the taste buds is a good stress reliever and is the biggest symbol of love. It is widely thought to be a source of happiness for many. However, we’d like to open your eyes to a side of the secrets of black chocolates you may not know. “Is chocolate the real MVP?” To be the MVP of sweets, chocolates need to have health benefits backed up by credible research and scientific evidence.

Health benefits

Tremendous health benefits associated with the secrets of black chocolates are:

  • Chocolate makes you feel good, it keeps your mood happy in stressful conditions because it works well for your brain.
  • It maintains your weight as it reduces obesity
  • Chocolate is good for heart, as it regulates blood flow, keeps blood pressure normal and minimizes  risk of heart stroke.
  • Chocolate works well for skin glowing and acts as sun screen so protects your skin in this way.
  • ü Chocolates are good for natural anti-aging process because of the presence of cocoa in them. It makes it a unique food to eat.

Are all kind of chocolates healthy?

Many of the chocolates that are available in market are not good for health. But here is a golden tip to help you choose your chocolate wisely :

  • When in doubt, go for black. The same rule applies to chocolate too.Always go for the darker chocolates that have cocoa content 70% or above. Darker chocolates are good because of the lesser amount of sugar in them ,so, make sure that you are selecting a chocolate with less or even zero sugar level. This type of chocolate is actually beneficial for health.

Recommended daily intake of chocolates

  • Avoid eating more then 200 g of it in a day as that may cause headache and you may feel dizzy. Exceptions should always be kept for occasions as they deserve to be celebrated.
  • • Dark chocolate bar of 100 gram has 600 calories. According to the research,30-60 g or 1 to 2 ounces of dark chocolate is recommended for daily consumption.

So, eating appropriate amount of dark chocolate with high cocoa level is good for your health.

Choose wisely and enjoy responsibly.

Disclaimer: Charlie has nothing to do with this article. All opinions presented are author’s own views.

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