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Satellite Technology

Satellite technology the main game changer of technology it first change the world in 1957 when soviet union launched its first ever artificial satellite (The moon is a natural Satellite). Since then time to time satellites have been launched in the space where satellite revolves around the earths atmosphere at the rate of eight km/sec. Satellites are not moving around the earth atmosphere but they are covering each and every thing from it. This technology is very advanced highly secured and fast it provides each and every data very clearly and efficiently.

Satellites helps us to communicate access the health of our planet and it monitors the security initiatives.

There are different kinds of satellites:




These satellites have their own special purpose for which they are designed for.

Pakistan was relying on America for the use of satellites for the sensitive data and it was facing problem and it cannot have the data without their permission and in any emergency situation it was likely to have blind for time like it happened in the past. If telecommunications services are cutoff then there was no surety that from where the enemy attacked.

Pakistan Satellite:

Pakistan lacked for this technology for a long period of time but now it has launched its 2 satellites into space it has launched its satellites from china as Pakistan lacks the infrastructure to launch objects.

Pakistan launched the two satellites one is a remote sensing satellite(PRSS1) which would observe the see the earth as by launching this satellite Pakistan has become one of the few countries to launch remote sensing satellite in orbit.

The second satellite was launched so that it could help end country’s dependency on commercial satellites as previous Pakistan was relying on others but now it would gain its own information related to weather, environment and agriculture.

Yet Pakistan has no satellite technology which could be used for strategic or military purpose.

Hope in the years to come Pakistan will come up high in this technology.

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