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Looking For Babies Ideal First Food


Being a mother and that too a first time mom, getting panic for literally any single move related to your baby is quite natural. If you are like me, by the way I am an extremely anxious mommy and keep reading and exploring about even a single action of my baby that i find different. So getting back to the point that i always deviate from 😀 if you are like me too you must be reading and finding about many things. It may include first food choices, semi solids or solids to start with, baby led weaning, purees and mashed foods and how to make them etc etc. Looking for Babies ideal first food to start with can be challenging especially if you don’t want to rely on packaged cereals and processed foods available in market.


Packaged Rice cereal, Packaged wheat cereal, Sooji(semolina), Khichdi(rice and yellow lentil cooked to mash-able consistency) and pureed bananas, sweet potatoes and butter squash are few foods parents choose to start with their babies considering them as Babies Ideal first Food.

Although some of these food choices are loaded with nutrition, (except the packaged cereals ) experts and nutritionist says parents or fosters are missing the boat and have found that babies are lacking and hugely missing out on some of the richest nutritional healthiest first foods around — those that, in traditional cultures around the world, parents still give their babies every day.

Strange But Super Healthy Choices

Here, I’ll tell you foods that may seem strange to you but are actually super healthy and are totally enriched with nutritional components.


At around age of 6 months when iron stores that are naturally present in breast milk start to get depleted, your pediatrician may recommend iron supplements or rice cereal, which is normally considered as babies ideal first food and parents prefer to feed their babies with.

If i tell you Rice cereal is not a natural source of the nutrient will you agree? It is because the rice, white rice we use to make cereal are the polished rice and all the nutrient rice has got are in the kernels that are naturally removed while processing them to get the whiter form. In this form of cereal, iron is not as readily absorbed into the body as it is when consumed by eating some iron rich meat such as beef, a study and research in the journal Clinical Nutrition suggests.

Beef is also an excellent source of trace elements say micro nutrients too like zinc, and selenium. Its easy to prepare and cook as well.

Else more, studies show that the juice extract from beef that is released while cooking beef alone are enough for a baby to get their required iron amount.

“They actually just suck on it and gum it, and get all those great juices and have excellent iron to show for it,”

Wendy Jo Peterson, a registered well known dietitian and nutritionist in Germany said. He is also the co-founder of “Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy Foods from Baby’s First Bite.”

2 ✨ Liver

It is one of the most nutrient-dense among healthy rich foods parents can select to feed their baby and, just like beef, it too is an excellent source of iron. Chicken liver in particular has a milder taste and is easier to prepare than other types and also it has got more fats that is essnetial for babies body to get healthy.

3✨Egg yolks

Egg Yolks are considered to be an ideal breakfast food for babies under 1 year but make sure no white gets mixed in as it can prove to be allergenic. Yolk is an excellent source full of iron, but also a concentrated rich source of essential fat soluble vitamins, choline (ideal for growth) and minerals.

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~ Boil the egg for 3min and scoop out the watery yolk or make the three-second egg: Add a small amount of coconut oil or ideally desi (organic) ghee to a hot pan, separate the egg from the yolk, use a spatula to stir two to three times, and then remove the pan from the heat and feed it when a bit warm to your baby and not cold.


Ideal fruit Rich in magnesium, loaded with potassium and got essential fatty acids in it required for brain health, avocado is one of the healthiest and babies ideal first food in baby led weaning phase .

Mash it with fork as it is quite soft or roll small pieces of it in almond flour made by freshly grinding almonds in processor for the purpose. It not only makes it conveniently easier to grip but also is a good way to introduce almonds in a palatable way( only for 10 month plus babies and make sure to look for allergy symptoms as infants are prone to nuts allergy).

5✨ Fish

An amazing natural fully loaded source of protein also easy on tummy to digest is fish. Fish such as salmon, is highly rich in healthy essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are ideally critical for your baby’s heart and brain development, and eye health. Fish is way too easy to prepare,done in minutes, works well with combination of herbs and spices too, and it can be mashed so easily with other foods or served alone as well. Ideally when using fish make sure to get fresh piece only especially if buying to feed babies.


It is a God’s sent richest available source of vitamin C and vitamin K, as well as got high levels of potassium too. Because it’s taste is sweet and is juicy, it can be an ideal first food.


Organic nutrient rich pure butter made from steroid free dairy in particular is a rich source of “activator X,” its a fat soluble vitamin identified and is found to be beneficial for overall growth, build up and development of tiny humans.


They are packed with protein and iron. Serve as an alternative option to meat as well but can cause digestive upset in some babies so look carefully if you start with it. Ideally yellow lentil is a go to lentil for babies aged 7 month and above.

It’s a good idea to soak it before you cook , which gives it even more nutrients and makes it more easily digested by little tummies without creating trouble.

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