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Jan Koum Whatsapp Founder Story

whats app founder story
Whatsapp Founder Story

These days WhatsApp is our part of life. Because WhatsApp gives us different features like we can make calls (voice/video), share stories and pictures to friends at any corner of this world using the internet. We can send text messages pictures, documents etc. But you know who build that application. What was the idea of the Whatsapp Founder Story? And is it still safe and secure application?

Whatsapp Founder Story

Jan Koum is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder of “WhatsApp”. You can’t imagine that a person who is now a billionaire was a very poor man. Yes, it’s true. Whatsapp Founder Story, Jan Koum was a very poor person even he had to live off food stamps. But he believes in his skills. In 2014 he had the US $19 billion. He is also counted in richest personalities of America.

Whatsapp Founder Story

Jan Koum was born in Ukraine. Then he migrated to America with his mother and grandmother. Initial years in a new country were very difficult. Even they had to do work day and night to live and settle in a new country. But he doesn’t lose hope and struggle of a successful life. The most emotional and hardest part of his life was when his mother became ill with cancer disease. And in a few months, she passed away. At that time, he was totally disturbed. But as we know that after a deep Darkness of night, the light comes out.

The Reason of migration From Ukraine to the USA

Jan Koum and his family decided to migrate to the USA just because of unfavorable conditions in their native land. His Mother and grandmother were him when they migrate to the USA in 1992. His father was didn’t came with them because he decided to join them later. But after migration, his father fell ill and died in Ukraine. He died after 5 years of migration in 1997. At that time Jan Koum age was just 16. He faced Considerable challenges to settle in a new country. His mother took up babysitter job for surviving in a new country and Jan starts working at a grocery store as a cleaner. But he was interested in programming. So he deiced to complete his schooling at the age of 18. He was a skilled computer network engineer. He got an Admission in San Jose State University.

While his high schooling, he gets a job. He was infrastructure engineer in Yahoo. There he meets with different people and makes many friends. At that time he was still a student but got a job because of his skills. Then he paid his university dues from his salary. Yahoo assigned him as a inspect security level. At that time yahoo search engine was just launched. At this job, he meets with Brain Action. They became a best friend.

Jan Koum decided to make that type of application in which people can talk easy using the internet. Jan and his Friends Action left another job in Yahoo and start working on their own social app. Their love for social led them to make WhatsApp. Only in few months, WhatsApp became the most popular text messaging app in the world.

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