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Organic trail mix as term refers something enriched with nutrition and composed of balances micro and macro nutrients. Here ill particularly be talking about Nuts and stuff, which to me are the most healthy Organic trail mix known in this era specially when everything is packed with loads of additives and preservatives.

Health comes first to those who know the cost of illness and how badly it can effect ones life. Nature has blessed us with tons of unprocessed, raw, free of preservatives and fully packed with nutritive content that can be consumed in a moderate amount to balance the health and get fit and active.


Mixed nuts include variety of dry fruits that are rich in vitamins minerals and essential fatty acids. Not only these but trace elements that are difficult to find and accommodate in diet can easily be found in these natures pre-packed bundle of dry-fruits as known as nuts.

Along with these they are loaded with fiber and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids too which are very important for functioning healthy body and heart.

However there shouldn’t be excessive consumption of even these ntures filled nutrient pieces. As it is said :

Moderation Is The Key!!

Nuts commonly known include Almonds,Cashews,pistachios,walnuts raisins,pecans,macadamia,hazel nuts and list goes on. Apart from nuts there are also few other things like seeds and dried form of fruits and coconut. These together makes proper and definitely completely Healthy Organic trail mix.

Seeds such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, char maghaz and chia seeds do possess lots of important essential micro nutritive elements that plays vital role in providing body with healthy growth and functioning mind.

Dried coconut is usually commonly added in healthy Organic trail mix too not only because it enhance the flavor of mix but also it possess sound constituents and fiber that help body way too much in multiple aspects.


Mostly all nuts and seeds that are added in Health Dense Mixes are composed of Fiber, Healthy Calories which is why they are preferred as snacks too because they are quite filling and at the same time provide energy.Unsaturated fatty acids are quite high in nuts which makes them calorie dense and helps improving high density lipoproteins ultimately required for various functions by body.

They are mostly rich in potassium selenium and zinc and at the same time low in sodium which makes them a very healthy option even for hypertensive patients.

Nuts and Seeds play vital role in improving immunity and health quality by enabling the body to fight against infections. Also aid in growth and development of reproductive health particularly because of zinc.


Healthy Organic trail mix are very simple to make.I’ll share how i make my jar that i keep munching on throughout the day and it has helped me tremendously in various aspects.

There is no specific quantity of it as such. You just need to mix as per your availability and budget and keep them in airtight jar.

I add chopped almonds and cashews, whole plain or salted peanuts, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins and sultanas and handful of chopped dried cherries. I sometimes add in chocolate chips too (organic 70% cocoa) as chocolate particularly dark one is powerful antioxidant and immune booster(give immense self satisfaction too,read it sarcasm :p). I add in plain oats too the instant ones to make them a complete breakfast at times. Dried flaky coconut is a must in my jar because of its aroma and rich taste it just gives a beautiful spark to the entire mix.

This is how simple it is. Just play around with whatever dried fruit, nuts,seeds u have got in hand and viola your jar packed with nutritious delicious and guilt-free snack is ready to munch on.

Let me know when you make it peeps and we’ll keep on sharing more stuff.

Have an amazing day ๐Ÿ™‚

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