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Harriet Mills (Wine & Design) Lifestyle

Harriet Mills (Wine & Design)
Harriet Mills (Wine & Design)
If you think your life is difficult and you have to leave this world. Because you have many problems in your life, which are impossible to solve then you must have to read about Harriet Mills (Wine & Design). Just imagine you are going to become Mother and you lost your job even there is no one, who is going to help you then what will you do. Yes, she was Harriet Mills who face these problems and now she is Founder of WINE & DESIGN. When, she took her baby. She had little-to-no saving. At this time, she didn’t panic and React normally. After drinking few Glasses of wine, she realized that she has to do something for her baby. She decided to build her company and gave it Title Wine & Design. Now you can see her success . She is doing her job perfectly.  When she was going to start her company there was too many problems for her but she faces every problem and fights it, for getting success. She did well. The company grew from a single location to 75 different places across the country. It was her great achievement to establish the company in front of this global world.


In 2010, Harriet Mills had been laid off from her job. She was Sales representative in Vietri. We can say that, if she continued her job in Vietri then she will not get this achievement but God decided for her something great.  She proved that our life is full of problems and we have to fight with them and proved you in front of this world, if we want to become successful in this world. The struggle is a part of life; if you are ready to do something then you have to go through struggle and go stretch forward to your goal.
Harriet Mills (Wine & Design)
The idea of the company was come from when visiting a paint and sip studio. She realized that it’s right time to launch Wine & Design.Maggie Moon also played an important role for building this company. She was previously worked for finance and special events. Maggie was doing her MBA when Founder Harriet Mills persuaded her to work for the company and join the leadership team.She said that “Thanks to Harriet’s for giving me this opportunity”. 

Harriet Mills (Wine & Design)

Its hard work of Harriet Mills (Wine & Design) and her team to make this dream comes true. Now she is running 77 franchises nationwide.
Harriet Mills (Wine & Design)
Basically, Harriet Mills gave her most of time for marketing and developing of the company. Harriet was honored with 40 Under 40 Award in 2016. She deserves these awards because she proves herself and inspires a lot of youngsters to become successful if you have the ability to do something. She also created a scholarship program for high school graduates in her hometown (Whiteville).Harriet Mills like to spend her time with her family. Because she believes that her family is everything for her. She showed us that with the power of hard work you can build your dreams and do anything in this world.

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