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Guide to a Nutritiously Healthy Ramadan

Nutritiously Healthy Ramadan

The Holy Month of Ramadan brings for the Muslims across the Globe a golden window to refresh and cleanse themselves spiritually and morally. But it is not just limited to the spiritual aspect, but in fact has significant health benefits too. However, contrary to its essence and spirit, during the month of Ramadan, the practice of eating heavy and fried foods is quite common in all Muslim countries. By this month, everyone should pay special attention for simple and Nutritiously Healthy Ramadan diet planning that would give enough energy for your prayers, which may not get disturbed.

You must keep few points in your mind while making sehri and aftari to ensure that you feel light and energetic. Although a renowned dietary expert would charge you quite heavily for this advice but I, being the generous author that I am would like to share these for no charge. These points are as follows:  

The Appropriate Nutritiously Healthy Ramadan diet chart must include:

  • Take 2-3 dates for breaking of aftar.
  • Drink plenty of water, juices and lassi between sehri and aftrai periods (8-12 glasses).
  • Take 1 cup of yogurt in sehri, it will reduce your thirst throughout day.
  • Your diet must have major portion of carbohydrates(bread, rice, wheat) that will store energy in your body for the whole day and some portion of proteins(chicken, beans).
  • Don’t forget to take vitamins like fruits and vegetables in the form of salads and fruit bowls, since it will revitalize and give you instant energy.

Food Items Highly Not Recommended

  • Avoid fried, greasy and oily food items.
  • Don’t eat too much salty or sweet as it will elevate your hunger and thirst level.
  • Try to avoid junk foods.
  • Avoid cold drinks, coffee or tea that results in weight loss and weakening of bones.

Alternative Food Items

  • Prefer baking of potatoes, samosas etc instead of frying.
  • Instead of using huge quantity of oil, use non-stick pans for cooking.
  • Use grilled Chicken or fish.
  • Take more and more lemon water, it will balance your salts and sugar level.

It is essential to take healthy and balanced diet in this month, avoid overeating as your stomach will not be able to digest when it will be overloaded.

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