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Grubhub Online Food Delivery Service

Grubhub Online Food Delivery

If you like to order food online then the company name GrubHub is your first option. You know why grubhub online food delivery is best and what the story behind the success is. As we know that GrubHub provides online food-ordering service. Matt Maloney is the Co-founder and CEO of GrubHub. He builds this company with the help of his Business partner Mike Evans Way. Matt Maloney currently residency is in Chicago. He lives with his wife and young daughter. He is also a skilled computer programmer. After graduation, he started working on some websites. GrubHub was born at that time when he was working on one of these websites Apartments.com.  Matt Maloney meets with Mike Evans during one late night work.  They are trying to order some food for the Dinner. But because the lack of the ordering options they frustrated on it. Arranging payment through the phone is also a Disturbing. At that time the idea of GrubHub comes out. They decided to build that type of a website where people can get online food ordering service.

Grubhub Online Food Delivery

Matt Maloney starts collecting Menus of different Restaurants and Mike Even start writing initial codes. After completion of data and coding work, the co-founders started going door to door and introduced their website.  They also sold some dummies guidebooks. After this hard work, they get a deal from a restaurant. Immediately Matt Maloney left working on Apartments.com. when a restaurant assigned them for their new service. That’s was “Chicago charming wok”. After 2 years of hard work and passion of doing something special won and they get Chicago new venture challenge. The company grew rapidly. In 2014 they reached 13$ million in revenue. It was a great achievement for them.  By 2015 company grew to the top and approximately 30,000 restaurants and more than 800 cities of USA and London had offices. So after this great success co-founders decided to make a mobile Application to give more benefits to users.  In this app users can get all features remotely and they don’t need to visit the site. Users can install GrubHub application in their phones and get services. Matt Maloney also won the award of Chicago Moxie Award CEO of the year in 2012.

Grubhub Online Food Delivery

Lessons Learned

According to the Co-founders of Grubhub Online Food Delivery, they said that. “It was happiest moment for us when Chicago Charming wok Assigned us and agreed to pay 140$ for highlighted their Menus in our website for the next six months.  After this achievement, many more restaurants began calling us and sent emails and asked to be listed. We began to see each potential sale an opportunity and start offering discounts to restaurants in return of their feedback.

This all happened just because of their talent and hard work. After this achievement, they start building their own team. But it’s not an easy task. Because these days finding the right person is not easy. Because it takes time, Resources and long term outlook to build the best team.

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