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Gilgit Baltistan Tourism In Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

Naran valley is one of the best places for visiting and enjoying Gilgit Baltistan Tourism of Pakistan. It is located 4 hours at a distance from Manshera City. The region has highly developed. There are several transportation and roads which connects the people of Naran with the outsiders. It is a well-known place for nature lovers. Naran imparts/gives you the real beauty, snow-capped mountains, flowing river which is usually called “kattha” by Pathans and Hinkdo people. There are a countless bunch of water crustal lake like Saif-UL-Malook lake, Saral lake, Lulusar Lake and Lake Dutipatsar. There are hundreds of destinations to visit more; like Shogran, Jhalkhand, Babusar Village, Malika Parbat (Queen Of The Mountains), The City of Balakot (Gate of Kaghan Valley), Khunjerab pass and last but not least Noori Top.

now let’s get to know more deeply about Naran destinations. The list of Naran Beauty destinations is here. but remember, don’t forget to visit these locations on Naran trip.

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Destinations

1. Eye-catching Lake, Saif-ul-malook

Sail-UL-Malook is in the Saif-UL-Malook national park, which is located in the northern part of the Kaghan valley near the Naran valley town. It is the most eye-catching and beloved place.


2. Stunning, Ansoo Lake In Naran

Ansoo lake is also located in kaghan valley, Manshera. It is also near the Malika Purbat. Ansoo lake is similar to tear (ansoo) in the shape that’s why It is known as ansoo lake.


3. Charming, Lulusar Mountain And Lake In Naran

It is situated in the kaghan valley in the khyber Pukhtunkhwa province in pakista. There is a lake with different mountain and all known as Lulusar. It is also a lovely place. The water of the lake is pure blue, which looks really beautiful.


4. Malika Parbat (Queen Of Mountain)

It is one of the highest peaks in kaghan valley and most beautiful view for nature lovers. It is situated near the ansoo lake along kaghan valley. In winter, Malika Parbat is all covered by snow, which increase the level of its beauty.


5. Greenish Lalazar

lalazar is located in the upper side of kaghan valley, Mansehra. The environment of lalazar is free from pollution, most relaxing,
And mind the fresh place for tourists.


6. Babusar Pass

Babusar Top is also a mountain which is on the north side of kaghan valley. It connects the Thak Nala with Chilas on Karakoram Highway. Babusar valley is easily accessible by cars and buses.


7. Noori Top

Noori Top is known as the second highest pass in Kaghan valley. It is the border between Kyber Pukhtunkhwa and Kashmir. The road on more Noori top is much narrower therefore, only a single vehicle can pass through it.


8. The Black And Blue Saral Lake

Saral lake is located in Neelam valley. It is accessible from Sharda through tracks or through hiking. It is one of the best lakes in Neelam valley.


9. Dudipatsar

The snow-capped mountains are encircled near Dudipat like which is on the north side of Kaghan valley, Mansehra District.


10. The Sat-Sar Mala Lakes

The establishment of Sat-sar lake is at the north-west frontier province, Kaghan valley. It is the series of total six lakes which are all located in the kaghan valley.


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