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So here I am, a first time mom all alone with my son as i got no family here abroad just me my husband and our new born.

Entering into the motherhood phase is a beautiful journey yet very tiring and needs alot of patience as being a new mommy especially first time moms things often take a troll on them. many of mommies go into post partum depression a term new for many and least discussed among us Pakistanis especially.


Yes I hear you I can totally get what you want to tell me, or just discuss the things you are experiencing and find no one to support you or you got no shoulder to lean on. just a comment away i am and you will get a helping hand i ensure you.


Its something very very common and occurs in 65% of mommies soon after delivery in their following 1st or 2nd weeks. Most of the times it goes un noticed and untreated and sufferer undergoes worst effects. only few moms get to know and make their husbands understand that they are going through a depressed phase and they need love care and a helping hand in baby’s chores.


Post Partum Depression is actually a kind of depression that occurs due to hormonal surge immediately after delivery and takes a troll on mommy’s brain activities. Basically it is considered a complication in hormonal levels that drop drastically after giving birth. When a woman is expecting her estrogen progesterone levels increases which drops very very quickly soon after birth. This sudden drop effects physical, social and emotional behavior of a woman leading into depression.


It can be mild to moderate to severe. It can get severe in some while remains unnoticed in others. If a woman is undergoing ppd she can even have suicidal thoughts for herself and even her baby. most of woman consider themselves worthless mommies under depressed phase. if some of mommies are unable to mother feed their newborns this ppd can give them even more harder time making them cry and stay alone all the time.



Actually nothing except affection and care from spousal partner,friends and family. Those are the ones who are responsible to take the sufferer out of the depression alongside medical therapy if needed in severe cases( seek psychological guidance in that instance). A shoulder to lean on, helping hand and few sentences of love that ensure you are doing a great job can amazingly help a woman suffering from ppd.


Being a first time mom myself having no idea before how to even carry a newborn it is definitely a hectic task to look after the baby. Especially when you yourself are weak and have no energy to do so, it turns horrible. For this you must ensure to eat properly and healthy to boost your energy giving you enough nutrients that don’t make you lethargic.


If you are a Pakistani/Indian woman you must know how our moms use to take care of our diets and all. But if you are living abroad like me all alone have to manage house chores look after a baby and also husband, i can feel you. But trust me diet is the major factor you need to look upon at any cost. if you cant manage proper meals like me turn to handy yet nutritive things like fruits and nuts. OH YES! NUTS, play major role in keeping your body intact and functioning even keeps your ppd away. Nuts are rich in vitamins and micro nutrients that your body needs.

  • Almonds
  • Pecan Nuts
  • Pistachios
  • Figs
  • Dates and
  • Raisins

Are amazing sources to keep you going and in a healthy manner and even your milk supply gets boosted by having those in your diet.

Seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, flax seeds etc also play vital role in boosting up your energy and mother feed.

Being a First time mom isn’t easy and every single mom needs a supporting platform where she can discuss what she is going through. Come here join me and lets support mommies who needs a helping hand via this platform.

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