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Fear that kills or Is It pandemic

Let’s start with an old story that states there was a snake and a frog they were both having an argument. Snake said it’s his poison which kills a person while frog was contradicting his opinion stating its his fear that kills a person. Well snake was not accepting this argument so frog gave an idea that let’s apply this theory and let’s see the conclusion. He said to snake you will bite a person and I will come out Infront of that person and same goes for another that I will bite a person and you must come forward they both agreed on this.

A person was passing by so snake bit him and frog hopped infront of him. The person looked at the frog and then by rubbing his leg he moved forward without any hesitation.

The second person was passing now frog bit him and snaked came infront of him the person looked at the snake assuming he bit him and he died.

The same is happening around us. There is a lot of panic now a day’s people have quarantined themselves with the fear which has caused a lot of calamities.


There has been seen that this pandemic has affected all fields of life that people have preferred to shut themselves in the homes with their families. This pandemic started from chia and then has been into every country almost affecting people from every field of life.

People have been living in the fear of getting affected by this pandemic virus. They have stop visiting to each other they have made distances with people around. All the visiting places, restaurants, shopping malls, cinema’s every thing has been shut until further notice.

But all these steps have been taken from the fear of this virus as this fear is killing persons let’s state some reasons that are affecting the daily life of the persons.

Precautions puts lives more in danger

 Precautions are being taken with the spread of this pandemic and the persons are taking extra care of them selves with fear that this virus won’t affect them but these precautions come with a negative aspect as many accidents are being caused by these precautions.

You must have heard that people are applying sanitizers on their hands and you must also have heard about the accidents that women had burnt their hands due to this.

 Look at this video about a person taking precaution and then accident happens although such videos are being made in a funny way but it depicts the reality:

Although its funny but in a way it is depicting that fear leads to more accidents

 Online education

Online Education has been introduced all over the world. Graduated people ad the peeps who are more near to tech are being educated with ease but all those who are new to tech are taking this as a very stressful activity.

  • Teachers who have not been using tech quite often find very much tough to teach online.
  • Make tutorials for them is like asking them for their freedom.
  • Parents are much more worried like their ward has got screening time more which is affecting his health as they are not having any physical activities now a days.
  • In Asian countries the families which ain’t got much facilities are facing the most troublesome time. As they are much worried that to their which ward, they let him to use the electronic gadgets so he can get to his work.
  • Teachers who have brothers, sisters, or any family member residing in the countries where virus has struck the most are going through severe tensions but they are managing somehow this online education.
  • Students are much more worried about not getting their points cleared via online.

These all terminologies have been adopted in fear while raising many questions.

Daily wager

A person who is a daily wager who earns and then feeds his family is now much worried and is in fear that when will this lock down ends.

Rental Properties

The persons who are residing in rental properties are much worried about rents as some cant pay that due to un availability of jobs and work from which they can generate money and then pay. Property owners are asking for rents as they have the excuse that they also want to reside on living if they don’t get money then from where they would eat.

Well its not pandemic which kills a person there are well many reasons which kill and many people die daily due to hunger, poverty, illness etc. But now its fear which is killing more than the pandemic.

Just give a thought and you will come up with the same conclusion like the story mentioned above.

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