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Essential Tips For Nursing Mothers:

tips for nursing mothers

Nursing mothers often feel pressurized when it comes to nurse their babies soon after delivery. Pregnancy itself seems to be tough phase to many if not all women and after that body needs rest to get back to what it used to be. Nursing a baby isn’t easy task at all. It is very tiring sometimes painful and needs patience. Here in this article i am going to mention Tips For Nursing Mothers And Mothers To Be to help making their nursing journey successful.

Tips For Nursing Mothers And Mothers To Be,Do’S And Dont’S/ :

Tips for nursing mothers and mothers to be revolve around few do’s and dont’s. There are a lot of things moms to be and new mothers need to learn. While starting up a tiring yet fruitful journey of feeding babies with precious mother feed. Here in this article I am gonna tell you those essential tips that a mother must know and trust me these tips are what i learnt from my experience. Everybody has a different experience and every single mother gonna tell you different things that helped her. Here what em going to oen down might help you in boosting up your confidence which is the key to boost up your milk supply.


YES, You read it correct!! Major obstacle or hindrance comes from within. you must be thinking if i have lost my mind but no I am telling you exactly what i have been through and still facing. Key is,you must be confident enough that you can nurse your baby. Even if your supply isn’t upto the mark you must not give up and try try and try and remain calm. What happens if you do this?

Track it Scientifically :

Very Simple, lets track it scientifically and logically. When you get stressed your mind gets alarming signals as if something is wrong within the body. Brain will immediately release hormones (chemicals) to cope up the situation which will create a fight and flight state in the body ultimately reducing milk flow and in certain instances stress even can be so bad ending up in drying out milk completely. No Mommy wants this right? so be sure that you are all calm and stress free before you get a bang over nursing.

2. Don’t Listen To Everyone:

Again FOCUSING is very important. You must not listen to each xyz person and panic. when we talk about tips for nursing mothers and mothers to be Focus is key factor. Why is it important to not listen to everyone and only get advised only from either your true well wishers including dear family or you lactation specialist. Because if you will listen to everyone many of them can actually be very harsh telling you rubbish and you’ll be ending up stressed. Many can mommy shame you and others can force you to top up your child with formula feed since your kid might look weak to him.Give a deaf ear to them and continue with what seems fair to you and your lactation consultant.


It is said to increase your fluid intake upto 3-4 liter per day. It is not easy but it plays vital role in boosting up feed and making your baby full. Fluid can be in any form juices/water/tea/milk/shakes/coffee anything. So drink loads and loads especially water and milk. Some lactation consultants say milk help in producing more milk. Whatever be the logic behind it has seen to boost feed alot like alot so at-least try to have 2 glasses of milk per day. Also drink lots and lots of water.

4. Stay Happy:

Seems childish yeah? Yes you have to be in good mood all the time if you want to nurture your child with good milk supply. When you stay happy and smile it triggers release of happy hormones which ultimately give signals to brain to produce more milk and hence keep your baby contented.

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By following few aforesaid tricks and tips for nursing mothers and mothers to be you can definitely build up more natural milk supply. This way your baby can feel more contented and full than before. After all happy moms give happy babies.

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