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Coronavirus Symptoms And Self-Cure Remedy

Since it is viral infection like influenza. It is advised to treat it like a flu but with more caution and maintain cleanliness in the first place.

Coronavirus named as Covid-19 (CoV) belongs to a huge virus family which basically target the respiratory tract of living organism and hasn’t been found in humans before. To exactly determine Coronavirus symptoms a lot of study is going on and researches are conducted to reveal about it fully.

Till yet it is said that it affects the respiratory tree and produce severe symptoms such as fever, malaise, sore throat,  Shortness of breath, cough which is more likely to be productive and in some cases it comes with greenish sputum. Coronavirus symptoms not only affects the respiratory tract but kidney as well.

It can ultimately lead to death by cessation of respiration and is fatal if left untreated.

Since it is a viral disease antibiotics do not respond at all and if it is not diagnosed properly and patient keeps on taking antibiotics it is likely to be more dangerous.


World health organization has confirmed that this Coronavirus symptoms are deadly, it is contagious and transmits from one person to another.

In december 2019 first case of this virus has been reported in china and since then it is creating havoc. WHO has declared it as a major health illness and a global health concern. The current figure has reached upto 80000 people who have been infected and 3000 people have died so far.

There have been many cases reported in other parts of the world like Australia, U.K, south Africa etc.

Current investigation is going on to see how can we save maximum people form this deadly serious disease. Scientists are conducting extensive researches to bring some vaccination as soon as they can but it takes time. Till then people are advised to take precautions and self-care.


Since it is viral infection like influenza. It is advised to treat it like a flu but with more caution and maintain cleanliness in the first place.

1.     Build your immune system.To boost immunity Clean air, clean water, clean food, minimizing environmental toxins, etc are essentials .

2.     Keep your hands and home clean of environmental toxins.

3.     And, most importantly, don’t freak out.


Tips to boost your immune system naturally:

  • Eat wholesome foods ,Olives, olive oil,Pomegranates, Dates, Grapes, Thyme, fennel, ginger, garlic, onions, honey etc
  • Clean filtered water is very very important, if water iusnt cleaned it can be the reason for many water borne serious infections.
  • Having nigella seeds( kalunji)
  • Organic meat ,Raw cow’s milk, goat milk and camel milk has  numerous benefits, Consume all moderately.
  • All good herbs, fruit and veg. Ensure they are all organic.

Use of oil blends to boost immune system or when you shower put 3 drops of anyone or alternate daily:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon


If you wish to begin supplements:

  • Zinc 50 mg with meals
  • Vitamin C
  • Elderberry (health shop)
  • NAC (ask at health shop)
  • L lysine (selected pharmacies or health shop)
  • Vitamin d3 (health shop)
  • Matcha tea
  • Turmeric ginger tea (Immune boosting)

 Cut Out the Sugar – It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to have a fully functioning immune system if you’re eating sugar all day.

Drinking just one coke has been shown to suppress your white blood cells 4-6 hours!

Easier said than done, right?!?

8x more addictive than cocaine, sugar is the MOST habit-forming substance on the planet Universe.

So we can just start with cutting down sugar in our homes and stop our kids from eating chocolates and all rubbish sugar loaded stuff may be?

If I tell you to make a calculation tomorrow morning until you go sleep to see how much sugar you consumed for the day, you will be surprised at the results.

In the bread, biscuits, sweets, drinks, sauces, etc that we consume the whole day or use in our foods to cook, everything is loaded with excessive amounts of sodium and sugar both of which are culprits to deteriorating health these days. Stop that and see the outcome.


Wuhan’s Corona virus can cure itself as proposed by herbalist with a bowl of freshly boiled garlic water.  The old Chinese doctor proved its effectiveness.  Many patients have also proven it to be effective,

RECIPE: Take eight (8) chopped garlic cloves, add seven (7) cups of water and bring to a boil.  Eat Garlic and drink the boiled water from the garlic. Improved and cured overnight.


This viral strain is said to effect and cause extreme of lungs infection, so in order to keep lungs warm here is a tip suggested from tibb-e-Nabwi(SAW) ; licorice, cinnamon, black cardamom & clove , take them in equal quantities and grind to form a fine powder. Use it with pure organic honey by making a thick paste and consume a very little quantity daily at night about a tsp or so. For viral effected person it is recommended to take it twice a day.
This tip has been shared with the Chinese embassy by a person who is a qualified homoeopathic doctor,as well as has ample knowledge about tibb-e-Nabwi(SAW) and is a ph.d in nabatat-e-quran.

Please share with all your contacts and help in saving lives.

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