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Coronavirus outbreak: 14 tips for online teaching system

coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak: To overcome the effect of coronavirus, the government of all the affected countries is introducing an online teaching system for students so that they can continue their learning. It is prohibited⚠ to do live classes nowadays and the people are supposed to stay at home. But there are still some nonserious people who are not only putting their lives in danger but also putting other people’s lives in danger by not staying at home and hanging outside like they are enjoying holidays.

Let’s get back to the point, I am going to tell you some tips and ways that can develop the interest of students towards education while attending online lectures because coronavirus outbreak has changed everything all over the world. The main issue of students that they are facing nowadays is that they are not able to understand the full lectures and are stuck in the middle. I am also the student and I am facing the same situation especially in mathematics as I am not so good in mathematics😂😀

Basically, the main purpose of writing this blog for all of my dearest teachers🙏🙆 that can help us by following these tips so we can easily understand the lectures and practice the task accordingly.

Coronavirus outbreak: Online Teaching System

1. Prefer Recorded Lectures rather than streaming lessons

 I request to all the teachers😌 that they should understand the situation of students. The mentality of each student is different and that’s why they can not understand any topics at once. If the teacher recorded a lecture and share with all the students. Each student can watch the lesson repeatedly and if they still don’t get anything they can email teachers and ask for further explanation. And in this way, the ones who are unable to attend online classes because of their internet issues. They will be able to watch it later according to their comfort.


2. Facecam

It is recommended for the instructor to show his/ her face😇 during an online lecture. Let me explain to you why it is necessary? According to research, we pay attention more towards the diagram, art, and color🌸 as compared to the words, sentences without any colors on it. If we are just listening to someone without his/her expression without any pictures or diagrams. There are high chances the mind will distract from the lesson and will think something else. But if the instructor is showing his/ her face or showing the graphics, diagrams, pictures that are more related to the topic, the student will pay more attention to the topic and will understand easily.

Coronavirus outbreak and online lecture

3. Try to make short videos(15-18 minutes)

I will give my example here. When I see that the lecture is one hour long or 2 hours. I try to cut up the lecture and more focused on the duration as compared to the topic :/. And sometimes I get distracted😳 because the videos take a lot of time to load because of the long duration. According to the research, the human is really impatient and when things take time a lot, he moves towards the next. And that’s why YouTubers also prefer to make the duration of their video up to 18-20 minutes. 

If the instructors want to keep the interest of their students. They should divide a long lecture✂ in 4 to 5 videos.

short videos

4. Test your Slides

The student usually prefers smartphones📱 to attend their online classes. The instructor should keep in mind that he prepares his slides according to the mobile phone screen📲 and laptop💻 both. The font size🅰, headings🅱, should clearly show on both and the design of your slides should be cool😎 and light that can help you to get more attention to your students. The instructor should test his manual or slides first before starting a lesson if the things are working fine or not.

Coronavirus outbreak

5. Try to provide existing links

As we know that all the instructors are not so familiar with taking online classes. It is really helpful for the students if the instructor provides them some online resources that they know can help the students🙇 better as compared to their own lectures.

online resources

6. Verify online resources first

First, you need to confirm that the resources📚 you are going to provide your student should be accessible✅✔ for them. If the links do not work. You should be ready that the email box📬 will be filled up by students’ mail. it is better that you do research first and then shares the resources with your students

7. Increase students curiosity

If you are sharing online resources like any video that is longer than 15 minutes. Tell your students the exact part(1:58 to 4:30) of the video that can increase their curiosity and is more related to the topic. Because the students rarely watch longer videos including me 😬😁 And one more thing that usually confuse me when I watch my university lectures. When the instructors share some online resources or recorded lecture they don’t set a sequence and that’s why it wastes my time to find that which one is the first lecture. They should rename their videos like Lecture parts 1, 2 and so on. That can save the time of the students.

Coronavirus outbreak

8. Interactive Activities

I know that it can take a lot of time to find out the interactive activities 😕 but it is the most suitable way to get the student’s attention. When the instructor is covering any lecture. Use quizzes😦, question answering, assignment😮 or give any task that can keep busy your students to learn more about the topic.

interactive activities

9. Don’t make it so difficult for students

When the instructor is giving any assignment or taking any quiz. Make sure you have taught your students enough in your recorded lectures so they would not face any trouble to complete their assignment or quiz. The quiz consist of 10-15 questions or the summary of the lecture consist of 300 words should be enough to engage your students for 30-45 minutes.

10. Auto-checking

Use an auto checking or grading system that can save the time of the instructor as they can not check a lot of assignments or quiz regularly. And mention your students that the attendance will be marked based on the participation in the quiz and always set a due date😱 for the assignment or quiz.

Coronavirus outbreak

11. Set Virtual office hours

The instructor should keep the virtual office hours so if the student is facing any problem he can join your online meeting between those hours and can directly ask the instructor😍. And the instructor should not be frustrated if no one shows at the meeting. And I highly recommend the zoom tool for this type of meeting. The instructor can start his meeting and do his work and if any student shows up at the meeting. He can explain the topic that the student is facing a problem😌.

Coronavirus outbreak

12. Break the ice between students

If you allow your students to connect on small group meetings🎓 to share their problems and solutions with each other it can really help all of your students to improve their problem analysis and solving skills. The instructor can allow CR to start a group meeting once or twice a week with other classmates so they can develop their interest and can see how their classmates are learning and solving the problems. In the end, if no one can solve any issue, the CR can further discuss with the instructor or ask the instructor to explain that topic briefly.

Coronavirus affect

13. Express your emotions with your students

Let your students realize that the instructor is also not an expert in online teaching. And he will try his best to support his students and will cooperate with them. The students will interact with the instructor and can feel sympathy for their instructors.

14. Check  everything before you start a meeting

The instructor should understand that if the time of the teacher is important then the time of students is also important. Let me tell you my experience in the previous days, there was some internet issue at my university and the first few days, we have wasted up to 4 hours😓 because of the online lecture. We were unable to listen to the voice of our instructor properly. The instructor should be prepared and check all the necessary things first before he starts a meeting like learning material, internet connecting, headphones and he should also follow the time punctuality that the lecture should start at the same time he said and end at the same time as well.

Conclusion on Coronavirus outbreak

I have explained each and every possible thing that can improve the system of online teaching and all the situation that I have been facing for this whole month due to Coronavirus outbreak😔

In the last, I just want to say that please stay at home🙅🙏 so you can not only save your life but also others to Coronavirus and remember to wash your hands💧 and cover your mouth😷. Don’t be socialize nowadays and stay connected only on mobiles📱.

In my next blog, I will share some online resources📕📓 that can help you to learn some skills while staying at home during coronavirus outbreak. The resources will definitely challenge your mind😍 and will help you to boost your mind’s creativity.

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