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Cheekh: Is the Drama moving towards Mannat’s Revenge


Internet Sensation

Cheekh is a Pakistani drama that has surpassed expectations over the last few weeks. With a story line that keeps you hooked, and an issue at the heart that makes you stronger root for the main character. This drama continues to have a strong fan following of drama enthusiasts of Pakistan. After the sudden death of her best friend, Mannat’s life takes a dramatic turn. When she finds out that her brother-in-law is her murderer. She picks up the courage to seek justice for her late friend.

Which results in her in-laws turning against her and making her life hell. With the fight reaching court and Mannat having to fight against her own insecurities, doubts and fears. It is a wave of relief when her husband, Shayan, promises to stand by her side and help her through the process. Cheekh has become an overnight sensation, being discussed across social media platforms and keeping the audience waiting for more.

Episode 26

The last episode took an unexpected turn when Mannat’s husband, Shayan, dies during a hassle with his youngest brother, Wajih. While Mannat secures a release from the mental asylum she was locked in, her husband’s death brings an unexpected change in her. When the oldest brother finds out about Shayan’s death, he refuses to support Wajih further.

The Twist

Wajih’s lawyer has to stop the illegal treatment administered on Mannat after Shayan threatens to take his own life in front of Yawer. Once Shayan leaves, Wajih is reprimanded by his eldest brother and leaves in a fit of anger. The eldest brother, Yawer, visits Shayan in the hospital that Mannat is admitted in, where he finds out that she has received a stay order from the court and can leave the hospital. Mannat continues to remain unresponsive and in a trance when taken home.

However, with love and care for her husband over the next few days, she shows signs of recovery. One morning, when Mannat and Shayan are spending time together, Wajih enters with a bouquet of flowers. Upon being asked to leave, he starts an argument with Shayan and ends up pushing him back. Shayan falls back onto a table and his head hits the glass, killing him on the spot.

CheSuspense Ending

Yawer mourns the death of his brother and calls the police at his house, during Shayan’s funeral. He asks Mannat and her maid, Tabinda, to give a statement to the police. While the maid relates all that happened in detail,Mannat remains silent. When asked about the incident, she stares at Wajih with a calm expression on her face and the episode ends, keeping viewers in suspense about what the cheekh next episode will hold.

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