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Camping And Adventure In Ferry Meadows

Adventure In Ferry Meadows

In 2019, 20 April, A group of my friends, cousins and family made a plan for Pakistan tour. Finally, we arranged a transport so that we can move every destination easily and take a chill pill over there without facing any trouble. On 22 April, we finally started our Adventure In Ferry Meadows from Islamabad and move towards our planned destinations including Naran, khujerab pass, Kaghan, Mansehra, Saif-UL-malook and fairy meadows (for hiking and camping lovers).

We were really excited for this beautiful and adventurous journey of our own country for the first time. After a long journey, we finally arrived on our most beloved destination and adventure in ferry meadows. It is one of most popular destination in Pakistan where tourist usually visits. Then we arrived on
Raikot Bridge. It is the gateway to one of Pakistan treasure, precious and natural beauty. Everyone has to pass this Raikot bridge to access towards fairy meadows mountains.

The Fairy meadows trek is located Gilgit-Baltistan, north Pakistan. There is no requirement of any sort of mountain experience except 7 to 8 km. After arriving on the bridge, armed guards will assign to you for your protection and safety. The reason for assigning guards is that few groups of terrorist killed 11 people (10 foreigners and 1 local guide).

A journey almost takes 2 hours towards fairy meadows from Gilgit. The local jeep is the only way to travel over there. You cannot go by walking because the police and security guards don’t allow. I don’t know why. This type of rule doesn’t make sense. As the road is really narrow and as compared to local jeep. Walking (1000 meters) will be much safer than others.

The day, When I finally reached on Fairy Meadows mountain with my friends. We enjoyed the view of the mountains and took a cup of tea with friends and family. We spend a night over there in our camps. It was am unforgettable moments of life. I loved the beauty of my own country and praises it from the bottom of my heart. Whenever you make a plan for Pakistan tour. Try to reach this beautiful place to enjoy the charm over there.

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