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Beautiful Journey To Khunjerab Pass

Journey To Khunjerab Pass

There are a lot of beautiful places in Pakistan. People often enjoy the quietness, Amicable, charming and full of beauty over there. Pakistan is the world’s best adventures country with lots of beautiful destinations. If you want to spend your journey in a great place. Then Pakistan can be your desired country for touring, travelling and vacationing. And it can also be your memorable journey to khunjerab pass with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Actually, the main thing is that there are not enough words to describe the beauty of Pakistan places. You can say words are not enough as compared to its natural beauty.

So let’s get to know things which one should know if he wants to travel Khunjerab Pass without any obstacles. Khunjerab is the most beautiful and high mountain in the Karakoram. It is located in a crucial and tricky position at the northern border of Pakistan. To get there, You have to go through the Karakoram highway. It starts from the town Hawelian. After going through it, you will cross the entire Gilgit-Baltistan province. It is the famous place which connects Pakistan and China. It is also known as a Pak-China border. It is possible to see breathtaking views thorough, covering a distance of 806Km. But after that, you will finally end at Khynjerab pass.

Hiking Lovers

If you love to be hiking high mountains, then this high mountains will make you excited to hike it for adventuring and fun. Pakistan has three high and beautiful mountains such as the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush range and the Himalayas. These mountains are blessed in Pakistan for mountain men.

False Rumors About Security Issues On The Journey To Khunjerab Pass

But I feel really sorry to tell you that most foreigners are afraid to visit Pakistan because of false rumours about security issues and infrastructure issues. While being honest, now it is nothing like that. The army had planned and managed very strict security for the tourist whether they have to protect the Pakistani people or foreigner. There are very strict rules to follow which are equal for everyone. If you broke these barriers and ignore false rumours then you can enjoy a lot of things in Pakistan

There are lots of places which are connected to khunjerab pass like River Hunza and more other places. But It is difficult to define at once. I will get back with a new and interesting place for travelling lovers soon.

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