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Basic Hacking Tricks In Pakistan 2019

Basic Hacking Tricks

Hacking where it is in the most venerable threats on the other hand it is the most emerging and interesting topic which today’s generation search and are enthusiastic about it. Hacking can be done via many ways but the old Basic Hacking Tricks in which hacking was done were:

Basic Hacking Tricks


This Basic Hacking Tricks were old and are still being used in the industry but now the victims of it has decreased but well many people are still becoming the victims of it. As this technique was used as a deceiving tool as it displayed as the same page as the user was sorting or provide any information and the hackers just asks for a user to login but in spite of logging in the user name or email and password are directly sent to the user where he can access the information and can take any advantage of it.

Basic Hacking Tricks

Such cases at start were mostly seen in Facebook, 8 ball pool etc. But now these cases can be seen widely used in theft of bank accounts and mostly in ATM machines. Where hackers install the system or a similar type of machine that it looks just like ATM user uses it but their account numbers and the passwords are stored there by which hackers can easily make duplicate cards and then can use the same passwords and can crack open your account and withdraw all of your money.

Trojan horse:

Trojan horse is a virus it is disguised as a legitimate software and then reveals the users passwords as most cyber-thieves and hackers try to gain the access of the users by using Trojan horse virus.


Virus attacks are still the common source of information hacking as a virus spoils the computer program and then it send the sensitive information to the hacker by which hacker can threat the user can blackmail him.

Basic Hacking Tricks

Malware Attacks:

Most common type of hacker’s attack where the user system is accessed without his knowledge by the software which a user has installed and then all of his precious data is sent to the hackers and these kind of attacks are most harmful.


There are many extensions available on the internet by installing them user can track passwords of the computer users and to the information and the identity they have used like there is a keyword extension:

Key logger:

It records each and every password of the user and then show it to the one who knows the password of the extension as no one notices the extension but the password is stored on it and thus a person can be easily hacked.

Key loggers are an easy and the best approach to hack if you have the access to the shared computer.


There is always a warning written on the Google forms that never submit your password using the forms while hackers put the extra information in the forms that by default users writes the password and it is straight delivered to the hacker and thus he can penetrate in the system of the user and then can blackmail him or take the sensitive information and then can corrupt his system.

In the next part, I will tell more deeply about Basic Hacking Tricks. Hope you all will love to read it

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