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Aloe Vera For Hair Loss Reduction

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Fun Facts

Did you know baldness get apparent to people when 50% of hairs got fallen from scalp?

Did you know Aloe Vera needs no stem to grow?

Healthy and beautiful hairs are essential part of overall charming personality but, unfortunately, not everyone manages to retain the beauty of their hairs. Hair fall is very common and serious issue for women and men. There may be many reasons for this issue like; ironing, dying and other hairstyling products that have huge quantity of chemicals which damages hairs. Therefore, everyone is looking for effective remedies as they fear baldness. Meanwhile, people are busy in their everyday affairs and have less time to care for themselves so; they need solutions that won’t consume much time and efforts. (1) However, there are many treatments available for hair loss control but it is suggested to use natural remedies than chemicals products because chemicals harm hairs in various ways. Among other options, Aloe Vera for hair loss is easy and effective approach. Aloe Vera plants and gel are conveniently available and can be easily applied that result in reduction of hair loss.

To get rid of this issue, it is recommended to use Aloe Vera on scalp for hair loss. Many experts suggest that Aloe Vera gel is very essential for better nourishment of scalp as it contains protein enzymes and amino acid along with some vitamins. These nutrients help the scalp to cure the dead skin cells.


As discussed, there are numerous benefits of Aloe Vera for hair loss. Aloe Vera is substitute of keratin that makes the hairs healthy, strong and shiny. Healthier skin cells reduce the scalp issues like itching, dandruff and hair fall. Moreover, it is not only helps in reduction of hair fall but also people use Aloe Vera for hair loss and growth. (2) It improves the circulation of blood in scalp and repair damaged hairs. When the scalp is fully nourished then it grows new hairs that gives momentum to your hair volume and adds in your overall personality.

Also, for multiplied results, use combination of castor oil and Aloe Vera for hair loss. Mix the equal quantity of castor oil and Aloe Vera gel, applies it on your scalp and hairs. It is source of maximum nutrition to the scalp. Meanwhile, it is suggested to leave the Aloe Vera gel on scalp for half hour at least but also you can leave it unwashed over night as it cause no harm. However, the mixture of castor oil and Aloe Vera is suggested to leave unwashed over night for better results.

Side Effects

Aloe Vera is used for many purposes, along with hair loss. Although, it has no side effect but, sometimes the minor issues can occur. However, this is because, some people have very sensitive skin or sometimes people have used some products that get reacted with Aloe Vera gel and cause allergy or itching on the scalp. Under such situations, wash the scalp and if the problem retained for more than a day then you should consult a doctor.

Hence, hair loss is widely spread issue and people are eager to know its remedies. Aloe Vera for hair loss is one of the best remedy. The application of its gel on scalp aids a lot in reduction in hair fall and growth of new hairs. However, castor oil is also used with Aloe Vera gel to get optimized results. Undoubtedly, the healthy, shiny and thicker hairs look beautiful and improve your overall look. Aloe Vera gel is natural remedy and it is free of side effects.


  1. How to apply Aloe Vera on hair for hair loss?

Aloe Vera gel is readily available in stores but you can also make it easily at your home. Apply that gel on your scalp. Leave it for some time, minimum 30 minutes. Wash your hairs with mild shampoo and Luke warm water.

2. How many times a week gel should be used?

Use the Gel on Scalp twice or thrice a week.

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