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Population Vs Resources

Population VS Resources:

One of the most pressing issue of the world is the growth of population which is increasing day by day and the resources are being lacked by many countries for the population.

Population a term which everyone is aware of that all the same group of species residing in a particular geographical area.

Population being the most important factor in the country’s growth and economy it is the basic fundamental part which plays a vital role in country’s backbone to make it strong.


Any part of the environment that can be used to meet human needs. Resources are the things which are utilized by people resources where help a lot in economy growth and is helpful to population while on the other hand when it comes to the population resources are not fully utilized so they are not enough for us as in the whole world there are more than 7 billion people but to say roughly that one of eight in the world don’t have enough to eat.

One main advantage of population is that it chooses that which party would be a leading party and will represent that state in the world and would rule on the state.

One disadvantage of population would be that if population arises fast due to the planned then there would be an issue how to supply the resources to them.

The fact that population is directly proportional to resources as if population increases then resources also increase for the population to feed it up.

Damages to Resources:

  • Deforestation due to population growth.
  • Animals die due to deforestation.
  • Smoke of vehicles and its effects on air causing air pollution.


Resources are being damaged by population as forest are being cut down in order to make houses for the people and animals are dying because of less habitats and they are becoming extinct.



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